Plastic Trailer Fenders

Ningbo Elaizhe Metal Products Co., Ltd.With nearly 20 years of experience, we also have more professional procurement channels.We set up a trailer fender factory with our supplier in a joint venture.

Our Fender factory have series of trailer Fenders ,they are  Steel trailer fender; Aluminum trailer fender and Plastic Trailer Fenders.At present, the whole fender business, the share of plastic fenders accounted for more than 70% of all fenders.

Why do trailers need fenders :
The installation of all the safety and hitching equipment for towing is strictly controlled by law. That's why it is so important that you have a qualified installer help you with the selection and installation of your hitch system.
It is unlawful for any reputable hitch installer to install any hitch on your vehicle that does not qualify for your particular towing situation (of which he is aware).
Knowing the laws of the state you are towing in is important for your towing safety. The unpleasant truth of the matter is that if you are stopped by a police officer or are in an accident, and the officer determines you are towing with the wrong or substandard equipment for your towing needs, you can be held criminally negligent and liable for any injuries and damage that you are involved in. Please take care out there.
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Latest selling Plastic Trailer Fenders made in China is offered by Elaizhe. We are one of the leading China Plastic Trailer Fenders manufacturers and suppliers. We provide a large number of new and old customers with high-quality products. We not only provide the right price but also support bulk. Besides, we also provide free sample. If you are interested, please feel free to visit our factory. We stick to the principal of quality orientation and customer priority, we sincerely welcome your letters, calls and investigations for business cooperation.