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How to install trailer fender?

Trailer fenders, as their name suggests, are used to block the mud that the tires of a car pick up when it is moving. Trailer fender installation in the rear of the car tyres outside frame, trailer fenders are not standard, new car factory is generally not the trailer fenders, however, there are still a lot of car owners would add mudguard, manufacturers, there are also considering the needs of different users, so the vehicle basic reserve have trailer fender installation position, so, how trailer fender installation? Trailer fender installation is very simple, screwdriver ready and need to install the trailer fenders before installation place is clean, use a screwdriver to remove the original car fender reserved position of the screw, fenders are points, before and after the rear fenders, generally larger, the fenders in the right place, the top in place, screw fixation can be used again. The trailer fender protrudes about 5cm than the body, and the trailer fender plays a blocking role because of the prominent 5cm, which can effectively prevent the flying stones and gravel from injuring the paint surface of the body.
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