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The role of the trailer fender

As the name suggests, the trailer fender is the function of retaining mud. It is mounted behind the four tires of the car. The front two are fixed on the left and right lower sills, and the rear two are fixed on the rear bumper (this is the case for general models). In fact, they are all responsible for the installation if they buy it in the 4S store. Installation instructions are available in the market or online.

The effect after installation is that the trailer fender protrudes about 5cm from the vehicle body. The important role of the fender is to prevent flying stones and gravel from damaging the paint surface of the vehicle body.

In addition, the function of trailer fender is to increase the overall aesthetics of the car body. This is also the reason why many car owners install car fenders.
1. The main function of the trailer fender is to prevent some soil from splashing on the body or people, resulting in unsightly body or people.

2. It can prevent the soil from splashing on the pull rod and ball joint, resulting in premature rust.

3. The fender for the car has another function. The car is easy to carry small stones in the tire seam. If the speed is too fast, it is easy to throw on the body and break off the exterior paint of the car.