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The precaution of using the trailer's coupler

1. Pay attention to selecting the appropriate trailer coupler: the trailer coupler is not only required to be hooked up, but to be hooked stably and installed in place. Check whether the hook has been hooked up again and again before towing. If the hook is not hooked properly and half of it falls off, it will be troublesome.

2. If the vehicle behind has problems with braking or wants to tow on ice and snow roads, the trailer coupler should be preferred. Because the hard Trailer bar can avoid being hit by the trailer ahead when the vehicle in front is pulled too hard or needs emergency braking. In fact, it is safer to choose to use the trailer bar under normal circumstances.

3. Pay special attention to the speed control of the trailer coupler and the distance between the two vehicles, because if you don't grasp it slightly, an accident will occur.