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How to correctly use the trailer coupler? (2)

1. The trailer starts with gear 1 to ensure that large torque provides sufficient traction.(trailer coupler)
At the same time, the trailer needs to control the speed, keep driving smoothly, and increase the power output when it feels a little resistance. For manual gear models, avoid jerking the clutch pedal and start slowly with semi linkage to avoid damage to the vehicle.

Although the brands or models of various small trailers / RV are different, the interface connection methods are similar, and the circuit needs to be connected after the trailer coupler is connected.

Whether it is an RV or a trailer, there will be a safety wire at the part connecting the trailer hook. After the tractor and the towed vehicle are connected through the trailer coupler, the safety wire needs to be hung on the steel ring next to the trailer coupler; In case the towed vehicle accidentally breaks away from the trailer coupler when the vehicle is driving on the road, this steel wire can prevent the towed vehicle from running around and prevent accidents.

Due to different brands or models, please refer to the trailer coupler instruction manual for specific trailer hitch installation details.