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How to correctly use the trailer coupler?(1)

1. Find the position of the trailer coupler behind the towing vehicle and in front of the towed vehicle.
The trailer coupler position of many vehicles is designed at the lower part of the bumper. Generally, a clear position will be marked in the vehicle manual. The owner can also find a hidden space by observing the front and rear bumpers. The position covered by a circular or square cover here is the position of the trailer coupler.

2. The trailer coupler of some cars is split and needs to be assembled when in use. After removing the cover on the bumper, assemble the coupler carried with the vehicle.

3. Install the trailer tool.(trailer coupler)
Whether soft or hard Trailer tools are selected, it is necessary to ensure that the vehicle hook is firmly and reliably connected during installation. If the trailer hook is designed with a safety latch, it needs to be locked in place.
Check the front and rear connections again before driving the trailer. The soft trailer rope without tow hook at both ends shall be tied with a loose knot when in use. If the knot is killed and pulled by huge traction force, it will be difficult to untie the trailer rope.