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The installation place of the trailer coupler

Trailer coupler generally refers to automobile trailer, which is generally used for trailer. The details are as follows: the English name of automobile trailer system is towbar. It is the trailer and traction device of automobile, which is composed of installation fixed support (base anti-collision beam), spherical trailer and trailer power module.

Trailer coupler is a kind of ball type trailer device. Now most foreign cars are equipped with towbar system. Many brands of cars are equipped with towbar at the factory. Automobile towbar has become a necessary part for cars.

The fixed bracket is used for installation at the rear of the vehicle; Ball type towing hook is used for towing trailers, yachts, motorcycles, RV, bicycle frame, trunk, etc; The source module can supply power to the trailer and carrying device, and can keep synchronization with the tail lamp system of the main vehicle.

With the change of people's concept and consciousness, more and more people now install trailer hitch to facilitate carrying some outdoor equipment such as RV, bicycle frame, trunk, ski rack and so on.
When a trailer is needed, the trailer coupler is usually used together with the trailer rope. The trailer rope is generally modified from cloth belt, steel wire and nylon rope, with a length of 3m-10m. If there is no special trailer rope, it is usually replaced by cotton yarn rope or nylon rope that can carry more than 2T. Tie the rope to the trailer and the towed vehicle respectively.

For the failed vehicle that has lost direction control and cannot be braked, the trailer's coupler can no longer be used. Only the trailer rod is used for rigid connection, and the length is generally about 1.8m. It is made of square steel pipe or round steel pipe, with anti decoupling at both ends.