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How to operate the trailer jack

(1) Foundation of Jack. The foundation of Jack shall be stable, solid and reliable. When the jack is set at the bottom, the track wood or other appropriate materials shall be padded to expand the stress area.

(2) Jack placement. When placing the jack on the soft ground, wooden blocks shall be padded under the jack to avoid tilting and tilting after being stressed. When the heavy object is lifted, the supporting skid shall be placed under the heavy object at any time, but the hand shall not enter the dangerous area by mistake.
During the placement of the jack, keep the action line of the load center of gravity consistent with the jack axis. During the jacking process, strictly prevent the risk of Jack deflection and inclination due to the deflection of the jack foundation or the horizontal displacement of the load. To prevent the jack from sliding in contact with the metal surface or concrete smooth surface of the weight, hardwood blocks shall be padded if necessary.

(3) Jacking operation. The jacking height of the jack shall not exceed the effective jacking distance. When lifting large objects (such as girders), both ends shall be lifted and lowered separately, one end shall be lifted and lowered, and the other end must be padded, firmly padded and placed stably. Do not overload the jack.
The starting Jack should not be in a hurry. It should rise at a uniform pace and fall slowly. When multiple jacks are used at the same time, they shall be operated synchronously. After the operation of the jack, carefully check the oil pressure and hidden dangers, maintain and place it in a proper place