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Different types of trailer and their characteristics

1、 Port / industrial and mining flat Trailer
This kind of flat trailer is mainly used in shipyards and port machinery manufacturers to carry large equipment. Such as ships, large diesel engines, etc. It is characterized by large carrying capacity and large size. For example, Shandong Sinotrans Sales Co., Ltd
The 100 ton port logistics heavy flat traction trailer has specially strengthened the bending capacity of the vehicle body in production. The suspension adopts bridge box suspension, which can ensure the safety of goods during transportation even if the road is uneven. Zhongyun

2、 Four wheel steering flat Trailer
Four wheel steering can reduce the turning radius when the vehicle turns at low speed. When turning at low speed, the flat trailer can reduce the turning radius by 20% because of the reverse steering of the rear wheels. The large flat trailer has the maneuverability and parking agility of small vehicles. The trailer capacity of the vehicle is improved. Through the steering traction of the trailer by the steering rear axle, the of the four-wheel steering system improves the maneuverability, stability and safety of the trailer.

3、 Ultra low flat Trailer
The chassis of ultra-low flat trailer is very low, which is convenient for forklift to load and unload goods.

4、 Luggage flatbed trailer
Luggage flat trailer, as the name suggests, refers to a vehicle specially used for transporting luggage. The vehicle is light and flexible. Although the load capacity is small, it can be connected section by section to form a flat trailer group, which weakens the disadvantage of small load capacity. This vehicle, also known as a bulk flat trailer, transports bulk cargo - four fences need to be customized according to the actual cargo. Main applications: airports, railway stations, bus stations, ports, wharfs and other logistics places. Zy08

5、 Canopy flat Trailer
The canopy flat trailer sold by Shandong Sinotrans is divided into hard roof canopy flat trailer and soft roof canopy flat trailer. The canopy flat trailer can protect the goods from rain, sunshine, etc. during transportation.