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How to install the trailer fender

Install the fender. According to the fender of the front wheel, remove one original screw. The three fixing screws of the fender of the rear wheel are directly screwed onto the inner lining of the leaf plate. However, during the installation process, it was found that the rear one was also fixed on the vehicle body with the original vehicle screws, rather than directly screwing onto the lining with self tapping screws. The original vehicle screws are fixed on the vehicle body, but directly screwing on the lining is only fixed on a thin layer of plastic, so the rear wheel fender is better and more firm with the original vehicle screws. I would like to share my own method of installing the fender.
1. The two mudguards of the front wheel will not be repeated. Take the mudguard and you will know which one to unload.

2. The installation method of rear wheel fender is directly described below. There is an original vehicle screw at the position marked in the figure below, which is used to fix the rear wheel fender.

3. Here's the point. There is an iron clip for fixing the rear fender in the parts equipped with the fender. Do not place it as shown in the online installation picture, but as shown in the figure below, it can be aligned with the screws removed in the figure above.

4. Align the rear fender with the iron clip on the screw hole removed in the first figure as shown in the figure below

5. Just fix it with a Torx screwdriver! In this way, the fender can be fixed to the car body without drilling holes in the car body. Other screws can only be screwed on the lining. If it is not easy to screw, you can first punch a hole with an ordinary self tapping screw (the plum blossom self tapping screw has a blunt tip).

6. Others are simple, but a reminder is that some repair shops say they need to remove the tire before installation. Don't. If there is no tool for the repairman to install, find out first according to my method before looking for the worker, otherwise the worker will press the wrong button. (if you really understand it, you don't have to, but it's better to understand it yourself)