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  • Trailer fenders, as their name suggests, are used to block the mud that the tires of a car pick up when it is moving.


  • Trailer fenders are plate structures mounted behind the outer frame of the wheel, usually made of high-quality rubber, but also engineered plastics.


  • Many people may ask: "What is the installation method of rear tow hook? "The first thing is to find the right location. Many cars have hooks under the bumper, and the location is indicated in the car manual, where the round or square cover is used to cover the trailer hook. Generally, you can find an Angle to open by pressing along the sides of the trailer hook cover. If you can't open it, you need to use tools to find a small stick with a diameter smaller than the cover of the drag hook, and gently poke around to open it.


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  • In 2019, the factory newly invested to establish Ningbo Elaizhe Metal Products Co., Ltd. Mainly engaged in foreign import & export trading business(China trailer fender)